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Custom Cabinet Designers Stillwater, OK

At DJ Cabinets, we provide custom cabinet design based on the function and flow of a space, and create each individual design with quality, creativity and beauty in mind. All cabinets are individually crafted to fit the client’s home and space. Unlike other custom cabinet companies, filler panels (or) spacers are unnecessary. We provide start-to-finish services, including design, fabrication, finish, and installation of each and every custom cabinet.

DJ Cabinets aims to create custom pieces that speak to the aesthetic sensibility of your personality and the personality of your home. We create periodic styles of furniture with unique variations. And unique is the operative word here. Because each piece is a reflection of us, we strive for quality, attention to detail and a one-of-a-kind custom cabinet, each and every time. Our craftsmen design your cabinet on a drafting table, working out each detail one line at a time. Upon completion, our craftsmen sign and date each cabinet they build.

Creating Your Custom Masterpiece

At DJ Cabinets, our clients matter to us. That means that each and every piece is a reflection of our individual clients’ tastes and preferences.

In order to accomplish this, we spend time talking with you, asking questions such as:

  • What periodic style of woodwork do you prefer?
  • Do you entertain?
  • Are you a homebody?
  • Who is in your home?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • Do you have home hobbies or work?

After answering questions (like these), our craftsmen are able to get a better feel for the piece they will create for you.

Once we create a shop drawing and it is approved, it will include the actual cost of the project. This means that there are no surprises upon completion. Any price change that transpires will be a direct result of a change in the approved drawings and the cost variation will be disclosed and mutually agreed upon before continuing the project.

Our services are not only high quality, but we strive to be flexible to your individual needs. We offer:

  • Design, both space and style
  • Unfinished Sanded Cabinets
  • Stained or Painted Cabinets
  • Glazed Cabinets
  • Delivery and Installation of Cabinets
  • Plastic Laminate Countertops (Formica, Wilson Art, Nevamar, Pionite)
  • Mouldings and Trim

Our cabinets are built with plywood interiors and hardwood faces. DJ Cabinets never uses particle board, flakeboard, fiberboard, or particle board covered with vinyl paper. We strive for quality and excellence each and every time. At DJ Cabinets, we not only want you to get what you pay for, we want our services to go beyond a mere transaction. Instead, we strive to create a relationship with our client, keeping their needs in mind from the drawing board to the final sanding.

If you’d like to learn more about our services or previously completed projects, check out our gallery or contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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